Adventure 101 (2nd-4th grade only)

Campers explore the great outdoors as they hunt for arrowheads, build forts, and go on scavenger hunts


Adventure 201 (Required for 9th-grade campers)

A unique experience for incoming 9th-grade campers filled with a variety of activities including hiking, paintball, and skeet shooting


Archery (completed 3rd grade)

Campers learn the parts of a bow and arrow, establish eye dominance and aim, and learn how to shoot accurately at a range of distances


Applied Music

Campers who play instruments at home can log practice hours over the summer. Please contact the office with questions regarding space and specific instruments



Campers learn and improve skills including hitting, fielding, and running bases through hands-on drills and scrimmages



Campers learn and improve skills including ball handling, dribbling, and shooting through hands-on drills and scrimmages


Bible Study (Adventure Fellowship)

Campers discuss and study scripture while planning a reading and a skit for Sunday Service


Canoeing / Kayaking

Campers learn beginner to advanced paddling strokes and techniques as they progress through the class



Campers learn how to work with clay with clay as a medium to build their own creations, glaze them the perfect color, and fire them in a kiln

* Additional $7 fee


Camp Crafts

Campers complete a variety of projects using different materials including construction paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks.

* Additional $7 fee



Cooking at Lonehollow is fun no matter your age!


  • Pathfinder Cooking (1st - 4th grade only )
    Campers learn the basics of cooking and prepare snacks and small dishes in an outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor Cooking (completed 4th grade)
    Campers prep and cook entrées, desserts, sides over an open fire


Cross Country (completed 4th grade)

Campers build endurance and work on interval training by running on different trails throughout camp


Drama (completed 4th grade)

Campers practice stage presence, character development, and impression and improv skills. Drama classes put on a performance at the end of every two-week session


Field Sports(2nd – 4th grade only)

Campers play a variety of games including kickball, gaga ball, Goalieball



Campers learn from beginning to end, baiting, catching, cooking, and cleaning their own fish


Flag Football

Campers learn and improve skills including throwing and running routes through hands-on drills and scrimmages


Fused Glass (completed 4th grade)

Campers create original glass jewelry and small sculptural pieces using glass fusing techniques

* Additional $7 fee


Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball is a fast-paced game played in an octagonal pit. Campers try to hit other players below the knees with a kickball while trying to dodge the balls themselves


Game On!

Campers play classic board games and card games in a relaxed environment



Campers learn and sing A capella arrangements of popular songs and may perform in front of camp


Golf (completed 4th grade)

Campers learn proper technique and practice skills including fairway shots, putting, and chipping


Goalieball (5th - 11th graders)

A Lonehollow original, Goalieball was invented at camp and combines soccer, handball, and ultimate frisbee for fast paced, high intensity fun



Campers learn and practice basic chords on the guitar and the ukulele



Campers learn a group dance and perform in front of camp at Refuel


Horseback Riding

Lonehollow offers campers several different experiences. Campers have the opportunity to choose a class that suits their interests and skill level. Our Horseback Directory will evaluate each camper and pair them with their own special horse of similar skill level. The class descriptions are as follows:


  • Pathfinder Horseback
    This class introduces younger campers to the joy of horses. Campers will learn about safety, saddling, and basic horsemanship skills including leading and grooming. They will ride in an enclosed area, navigate a small obstacle course, and take a ride on one of Lonehollow’s beautiful trails.
  • Equine Care
    This is the perfect class for campers who hope to own a horse someday. Campers learn about feeding, worming, shoeing, and all other aspects of proper horse care as well as the basic anatomy of a horse. They will also help around the barn with feeding, bathing, and treating horse injuries. Campers will not ride in this class.
  • Natural Horsemanship Training
    This intermediate class offers campers the opportunity to learn training skills on the ground and in the saddle. This is a 2-hour class for mature campers who can concentrate, listen to detailed instructions, and maintain a balanced seat. Campers will learn how to communicate with horses through subtle cues; they will observe horse behavior in a herd, work with a horse in a round pen, and use leg cues to move specific parts of the horse. They will ride bareback if they have proper balance and skill and may take their horses for a swim. This class is designed to enhance campers' abilities to communicate in a respectful way with their own special horse.
  • Western Trail Riding
    This class is designed for riders of all ability. Campers will spend time getting to know their horses, grooming, bathing, and riding the trails of Lonehollow. On the final day of class, campers will paint their horses and participate in the Painted Ponies Parade.
  • Polocrosse
    This advanced class offers campers the opportunity to learn ball handling skills while controlling their horses at speed. Campers will learn the rules of the game, practice drills as a group and compete in teams. This 2-hour class is for campers who are mature and experienced with horses as they must maintain a balanced seat at speed and have the coordination and awareness to pursue the ball with other horses and riders around them.
  • Mounted Games
    This is an intermediate class for campers who want to speed up a little bit. Campers will play various games at a walk and trot in an enclosed area while maneuvering around obstacles. They will compete as teams in relays and learn barrel and pole patterns. Campers can also learn polocrosse ball handling skills so they can be eligible to take polocrosse the following year.
  • English Equitation/Jumping
    This class is for campers who have mastered beginner and intermediate horseback and want to expand their knowledge in English Equitation/Jumping. Campers in these classes take on the responsibility of preparing their horses for class and learn the proper techniques for riding balanced in an English saddle and jumping small obstacles. We offer a 1-hour beginning jumping class where campers learn English equitation and go over ground poles and cavalletti. Our advanced class is a 2-hour class and is limited to a maximum of 6 campers.




Campers immerse themselves in the world of magic as they learn basic card tricks and practice sleight of hand


Jewelry Making

Campers use string, wire, and beads to make their own creative jewelry including earrings, necklaces, and friendships bracelets

* Additional $7 fee



Campers pitch stories, interview people around camp, and write articles for The Daily Gear, camp’s daily publication


KidzKunstruction (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade only)

Campers use tools such as Legos, marshmallows, and dry spaghetti to build different structures



Campers learn and improve skills including passing, catching, cradling, and shooting through hands-on drills and scrimmages

* Must bring own mouth guard or purchase one for $1 at The Outfitter


Lead Climber Class (required for 10th grade)

Designed with our oldest campers in mind, campers plan and prepare for their Lead Climber Trip, practice Closing Ceremony speeches, play teambuilding games meant to improve their leadership skills


Leather Works

Campers choose stamps to customize homemade leather items such as key chains, bookmarks, and their nametags

* Additional $7 fee


Leisure Sports

Campers take a breath and slow the pace while playing classic lawn games such as croquet, washers, and bocce ball


Mad Science (2nd, 3rd, and 4th only)

Campers channel their inner scientists as they complete fun and entertaining experiments


Mountain Biking (completed 4th grade)

Campers explore Lonehollow's miles of trails on a mountain bike. Campers are required to bring their own bike helmets.


Mountain Boarding

Campers ride down hills, through poles, and over ramps on a board that resembles a cross between a skateboard and snowboard. Campers are required to bring their own bike helmets.



Campers learn the basics of a multitude of instruments including the piano and the drums. They learn how to play together as a group and receive individualized instruction


Outdoor Education

Campers learn about the great outdoors through hands-on experiences including hiking, backpacking, cooking, camping, navigational skills, and knot tying


Paddleboarding (completed 6th grade)

Campers paddle leisurely across the lake on our stand-up paddleboards while playing games and attempting yoga poses on the boards



Campers learn how to use lighting, spacing, and framing to take great photographs all around camp


Podcasting (completed 4th grade)

Campers learn how to produce podcast, including scripting, recording and editing their own productions


Puppy Park (1st- 7th grade only)

Campers work hands-on with puppies learning simple training commands along with how to walk, bathe, and groom them. They also learn fun facts about the puppies’ breed


Riflery (completed 3rd grade)

Campers learn to shoot .22 bolt action rifles in a controlled range

 *additional cost of $7


Rock Wall (completed 4th grade)

Campers learn skills including identifying and properly using climbing equipment and demonstrating handholds and footholds. The rock wall at Lonehollow is 30 feet tall with routes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers


SCUBA Diving (completed 6th grade)

We offer three PADI certification courses. All classes are taught by a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor and are completed in a two-week session. All certifications are recognized worldwide and come at an additional cost. Once you register for SCUBA, a Lonehollow staff member will be in touch to ensure your camper is enrolled in the correct course. Course options are as follows:


  • Open Water Diver Course (additional cost of $350)
    Campers entering the 7th grade or above who have never been certified in SCUBA are eligible to enroll. All campers must complete the knowledge development portion ONLINE before arriving at camp. Our staff will be in touch regarding access to the course material. This leaves only the in-water portion to complete at camp.
  • Adventure Diver Course (additional cost of $250)
    Campers that have completed their Open Water course may continue their education with the Adventure Diver course. This class teaches advanced diving skills in areas such as underwater navigation, recreational search and recovery, peak performance buoyancy and Project AWARE (environmental conservation).
  • Specialty Diver Course (additional cost of $150)
    After being introduced to advanced skills in the Adventure Diver course, campers can master them in a Specialty course. They will receive certifications such as Underwater Navigation Specialist, Altitude Diver Specialist, and Search and Recover Specialist.


Sailing (completed 6th grade)

Campers learn basic to advanced sailing skills and information including parts of the boat, knot tying, basic operation, and capsize drills



Campers learn to knit and sew while practicing and perfecting different stitching techniques

* Additional $7 fee


Sketching and Painting

Campers practice different drawing and painting techniques to express their creativity


Skits and Props (2nd, 3rd, and 4th only)

Campers learn the art of creative performance, impromptu story-telling, and set creation while dressing up and having fun


Snorkeling (completed 4th grade)

Campers learn basic to advanced snorkeling techniques including mask and fin fitting, how to clear a snorkel, and diver hand signals



Campers learn and improve skills including passing, dribbling, and shooting through hands-on drills and scrimmages



Campers learn and improve skills including hitting, fielding, and running bases through hands-on drills and scrimmages


Summer Reading

Campers take the opportunity to sit back and relax with a good book or work on their summer reading assignments


Swimming (required for campers who have not completed 3rd grade)

Campers learn basic to advanced swimming techniques including floating, treading water, and freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly techniques


Table Tennis

Campers learn and improve skills including serving and blocking through hands-on drills and games forehand, backhand,



Campers learn and improve skills including serves, volleys, and forehand and backhand through hands-on drills and scrimmages


Ultimate Frisbee

Campers learn and improve skills including throwing, catching, and pulling through hands-on drills and scrimmages


Videography (completed 6th grade)

Campers write, shoot, and edit their own videos


Volleyball (completed 4th grade)

Campers learn and improve skills including serving, hitting, and setting through hands-on drills and scrimmages


Water Games

Campers rotate through attractions and inflatables including the Water Wheel, the Blob, the Zipline, the Water Slide, and the AquaTrack


Weight Training (completed 6th grade)

Campers learn safe weight lifting techniques and work to develop speed and agility while increasing strength and mental toughness



Campers learn how to use a saw, hammer, nails, and paint, to complete creative projects

*Additional $7 fee



Campers relax and learn new techniques while enjoying the beauty of Lonehollow





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