Adventure 101 (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade only)

Explore the great outdoors with this action packed adventure class. Go arrowhead hunting, look for animal tracks, fort building, nature hikes, and more!


Adventure 201 (Required for 9th grade campers)

A unique experience filled with exciting activities such as paintball, skeet shooting and more for our 9th grade campers only.


Archery (completed 3rd grade)

This classic activity requires skill and patience. Campers shoot increasing distances from the target and learn on a variety of bow styles. The type of program offered is Olympic Archer.



Batter up! Campers will discover their love for America’s favorite pastime along with fine tuning their skills.



Dribble down the court, shoot, and score in this high paced class. Learn beginning through advanced skills and improve your coordination.


Bible Study (Adventure Fellowship)

No matter where you are in your faith, this class is about growing in your relationship with Christ. Campers will discuss and study scripture at a level that is clear to them.


Canoeing / Kayaking

Campers learn the basics through advanced paddling strokes to get them started on sheltered water, and glide across the lake while taking in the beautiful natural surroundings of the great outdoors.



Looking to make a personalized pinch pot or your own animal creation? Take a spin on the pottery wheel and mold your own creations. Campers work with clay and learn to glaze and fire their very own keepsakes.

* Additional $7 fee


Camp Crafts

There is no limit on creativity. This course offers the environment to foster imagination and inventiveness by providing a wide variety of unique craft ideas. In camp crafts you will explore the use of different media such as tie dye, paints, chalk, clay, decoupage, stitchery, and more to create the most inspiring projects.

* Additional $7 fee



Lonehollow offers campers different choices when it comes to cooking depending on their age.  The class descriptions are below.


  • Pathfinder Cooking (1st - 4th grade only )
    Learn and develop the basics of cooking. Campers learn to prepare and make fun snacks and small meals in an outdoor kitchen.


  • Outdoor Cooking (completed 4th grade)
    Learn to prepare and cook amazing entrées, desserts, sides and more in the great outdoors over an open fire.


Cross Country (completed 4th grade)

Grab your running shoes and hit the open trails!


Drama (completed 4th grade)

3,2,1....... Action!  An entertaining class for all the stars in the making. In addition to performing, campers will learn and practice stage presence and will learn strategies to develop into the character they are portraying.


Field Sports

Campers can add a little variety to their sports appetite in field sports.  Kickball, ga-ga ball, goalie-ball, and more are all on the menu!



Cast your line and get ready to reel one in. Campers learn from beginning to end in this class. Bait it, catch it, clean it, cook it, eat it. Fishers experience different environments as they fish on Lonehollow’s spring-fed lake.


Flag Football

Ready, set, hike! Whether experienced or beginner, campers learn the basics of flag football from moving the ball down field to safely stopping their opponents. Show great potential and you may even compete on Field Day!


Fused Glass (completed 4th grade)

Learn how to create striking decorative and expressive glass jewelry and small sculptural pieces using fused glass techniques.

* Additional $7 fee


Gaga Ball (2nd - 7th graders)

Gaga Ball is a traditional camp activity, played in an octagonal pit, that's sure to get your feet moving and your heart racing.


Game On!

Play classic board games or challenge your friends to fast paced card games!



Acapella singing to fun, chart-topping hits. Be ready to perform for all of camp!


Golf (completed 4th grade)

Tee it up and hit the green.  Golf will teach campers proper technique and offer plenty of practice time on fairway shots, putting, chipping and more!


Goalieball (5th - 11th graders)

A Lonehollow original invented at camp, Goalieball combines soccer, handball, and ultimate frisbee for fast paced, high intensity fun!



The road to the Grammy's may just start here when campers learn to play acoustic guitar. All skill levels from "what's a guitar" to "move over Jimi Hendrix" welcome!



Move and groove to your favorite songs.  Express your passion for dance, and discover your hidden talents!  New choreography, performing in front of camp, and increasing coordination and memory offers enjoyment beyond words.


Horseback Riding

Lonehollow offers campers several different choices when it comes horse experiences.  Campers have the opportunity to choose a class that suits their interests and skill level and bond with that special horse that they are paired with during their camp session.  The class descriptions are below.


  • Pathfinder Horseback
    This 1 hour class introduces our younger campers to the joy of horses.  They will begin by learning to groom and lead one of our miniature horses.   Campers will learn about safety, saddling, and other basic horsemanship skills.  They will ride in an enclosed area and navigate a small obstacle course and will take one or two trail rides on our beautiful trails.

  • Equine Care
    Campers love this 1 hour class even though they do not ride. Campers learn about feeding, worming, shoeing and all other aspects of proper horse care. They learn about horse anatomy by painting the bones on one of our black horses.    Campers will make horse treats on the final day to share with their horse friends.  This class is held during 6th period so that campers can help around the barn with feeding, bathing and treating horse injuries.  It is the perfect class for the camper with hopes to own a horse someday.

  • Natural Horsemanship Training
    This intermediate class offers campers the opportunity to learn training skills on the ground and in the saddle. This is a 2 hour class that is for mature campers that can concentrate, listen to detailed instructions and maintain a balanced seat.  The class size is kept small in order to allow campers the opportunity to learn and have new opportunities with their horses.  Campers will be taught how to communicate with horses through subtle cues, they will observe horse behavior in a herd, work with a horse in a round pen and use leg cues to move specific parts of the horse. They will ride bareback if they have proper balance and skill and take their horse for a swim in one of our lakes.  This class is designed to enhance campers' abilities to communicate in a respectful way with their own special horse. Campers should be a level 2 qualified rider.

  • Western Trail Riding
    This class is excellent for any rider just starting or for the seasoned rider looking to spend more time around horses.  Campers will be evaluated and paired with their own special horse of similar skill level.  They will spend time getting to know their horse grooming, bathing, and riding the trails of Lonehollow.  Campers will get to paint the horses on the final day of class and have them participate in our Painted Ponies Parade.  Trail is offered in one or two hour classes.

  • Polocrosse
    This is an advanced horsemanship class that offers campers the opportunity to learn skills of ball handling while controlling their horse at speed.  Campers will learn the rules of the game, practice drills as a group and compete in teams. This 2 hour class is for campers that are mature and experienced with horses as they must maintain a balanced seat at speed and have the coordination and awareness to pursue the ball with other horses and riders around them. Campers should be a level 3 qualified rider or rider may qualify with the horseback director during assessments.

  • Mounted Games
    This is a fun intermediate class for campers that want to speed up a little bit. Campers will need to have completed level 2 qualifications. Campers will play various games at a walk and trot in an enclosed area while maneuvering around obstacles.  They will compete as teams in relays and learn the barrel and pole patterns. If campers wish, they can also learn polocrosse ball handling skills so they can begin to move up towards taking polocrosse the following year.

  • English Equitation/Jumping
    Once you have mastered beginner and intermediate horseback, expand your knowledge in our English Equitation/Jumping classes.  These classes offer a bit more responsibility in getting your horse ready for class and learning the proper techniques for riding balanced in an English saddle and jumping small obstacles.  We offer a 1 hour beginning jumping class where English equitation is taught and campers will go over ground poles and cavalletti.  Our advanced class is a 2 hour class and is limited to a maximum of 6 campers.   Campers will need to have qualified to level 3 or receive permission from the horseback director during assessments.




From basic card tricks to disappearing salt shakers, campers can channel their inner wizard as they learn the art of magic.


Jewelry Making

The possibilities are endless when designing a piece of jewelry. Use clay, wire, recycled newspaper, beads, and anything else to create creative jewelry that expresses each individual’s unique personality.

* Additional $7 fee



Write, interview and help put out regular publications for the camp community to enjoy.


Kidz Kunstruction (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade only)

A class for the future architects in the making. Campers will use building tools, such as Legos to create a world of their own.



This unique sport played with a stick and a small rubber ball teaches fundamentals, skills, and hands-on learning.

* Must bring own mouth guard or purchase one for $1 at The Outfitter


Lead Climber (required for 10th grade)

Designed with our oldest campers in mind, campers plan and prepare for their trip, swim at the river, practice closing ceremony speeches, and much more!


Leather Works

In leather works, campers learn to create many projects such as coasters, journals, and key chains galore!

* Additional $7 fee


Leisure Sports

This class offers campers the opportunity to slow the pace while having a blast playing classic lawn games such as croquet, washers, bocce ball, and more. Something different every day.


Mad Science (2nd, 3rd, and 4th only)

Discover how to transform a liquid into a solid within seconds, create a bottle rocket that shoots off in the water, and explore the infinite possibilities of what bubbles are capable of. If you love to test experiments, this is the class for you!


Mountain Biking (completed 4th grade)

Explore and ride through Lonehollow's miles and miles of trails. Campers are required to bring their own bike helmet.


Mountain Boarding

Soar down the hills and trails around camp and through our mountain board course. Mountain boarding is a mix between snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. Campers are required to bring their own bike helmet.



Music is the heart of Lonehollow. In this class, campers will learn about and delve into a multitude of instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, and many others. Learn how to play in sync, together as a group and receive individualized instruction.


Outdoor Education

Learn about the great outdoors through hands-on experiences. Includes hiking, outdoor skills, backpacking, cooking, camping, nature, navigational skills, and knot tying.


Paddleboarding (completed 6th grade)

Cool off from activities while getting a close up and relaxing view of Lake Lonehollow paddling leisurely atop our 18-acres of aquatic paradise.



Shoot, Develop, Frame. Learn to take great photographs including techniques, and composition skills.


Puppy Park (1st- 7th grade only)

Learn basic dog training tips while working hands on with young dogs.  In addition, learn how to properly care for and groom dogs.


Radio Station DJ (completed 4th grade)

Campers will learn to produce a radio show, including scripting, recording and editing their own productions.


Riflery (completed 3rd grade)

Skill, Patience and Accuracy. Riflery teaches campers to shoot .22 bolt action rifles in a controlled range environment.

 *additional cost of $10


Rock Wall (completed 4th grade)

Climb on to the 30' state-of-the-art climbing wall.


SCUBA Diving (completed 6th grade)

Always a favorite at camp, we offer three PADI certification courses.  All classes are conducted by a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and all certifications are recognized worldwide.  All courses will be completed in a two week session and are an additional cost.  Once registered for SCUBA, one of Lonehollow's staff members will be in touch to ensure your camper is enrolled in the correct course, which are listed below


  • Open Water Diver Course (additional cost of $350)
    Campers entering the 7th grade or above who have never been certified in SCUBA are eligible to enroll. All campers must complete the    
    knowledge development portion ONLINE before arriving at camp.
      Our staff will be in touch regarding access to the course    material.  This leaves only the in-water portion to complete at camp so we can spend more time practicing our skills versus bookwork.

  • Adventure Diver Course (additional cost of $250)
    Campers that have completed their Open Water course may continue their education.  This class teaches advanced diving skills in areas    such as underwater navigation, recreational search and recovery, peak performance buoyancy and Project AWARE (environmental    conservation).

  • Specialty Diver Course (additional cost of $150)
    After being introduced to advanced skills in the Adventure Diver course, campers can master them in a Specialty course.  They will receive    certifications such as underwater navigation specialist, altitude diver specialist, and search and recover specialist.


Sailing (completed 6th grade)

Raise your sail and catch some wind.



Learn to knit, make a pillow, design and sew a bag while learning different stitching techniques.

* Additional $7 fee


Sketching and Painting

Capture a moment in time with the simple stroke of a brush. Express your creativity!


Skits and Props (2nd, 3rd, and 4th only)

How can a brown paper bag and a football be used to tell a story? Learn the art of creative performance, impromptu story-telling, and set creation while having fun and being goofy.


Snorkeling (completed 4th grade)

Grab your mask, snorkel, and fins and head on out to the Lonehollow “sea”. Who needs the Great Barrier Reef when you have a lake full of surprises in our very own backyard!



Weave the ball between cones, drill the ball down the field, and use your noggin as a defensive tool! In this class campers will focus on agility, endurance and coordination. Team strategy is key to score the winning goal!



Step up to the plate, hit the ball out of the park and slide into home plate. In softball you will learn all the skills you need to make it in the big leagues.


Summer Reading

A class designed specifically with the book worm in mind. Summer reading gives campers the opportunity to sit back, relax, and immerse themselves into their favorite novel.


Swimming (required for campers who have not completed 3rd grade)

Splish, splash, and beat the heat with swimming! Campers learn, practice, and perfect their freestyle, back stroke, butterfly, and breast stroke.


Table Tennis

Increase hand-eye coordination with this thrilling sport. Learn the types of strokes, and how to use a variety of spins to drive your opponent away.



It’s a grand slam! Learn to serve, volley and hit a mean backhand.



Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is an exciting, non-contact team sport.  It mixes the best features of soccer and football into a simple yet fascinating and demanding game.


Videography (completed 6th grade)

Write, shoot, edit and share your video creations with the world.


Volleyball (completed 4th grade)

Bump, set, spike it – that’s the way we like it! Kick off your shoes and sink your toes into the white sand volleyball court


Water Games

In water games, campers will cool off while having a blast at the waterfront!  Jump on to the blob, take a ride down the water slide, zip line into the lake, jump on the water trampoline, and climb the 15 foot inflatable iceberg.


Weight Training (completed 6th grade)

Campers will gain new strategies to get fit and stay in shape in a healthy way. An overview of the muscular system will be introduced, as well as tips for what exercises are good for different parts of the body. The football, baseball, and basketball coaches at school will be pleasantly surprised to learn the kids haven’t lost their strength while at camp!



Campers create interesting projects using wood as their medium. Campers learn how to use a saw, hammer and nail, paint and more while creating their projects.

*Additional $7 fee



Step 1 – Relax, Step 2 – Stretch, Step 3 – Breathe.  Campers can begin their day with meditation all while enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Lonehollow.



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